Uphill Rush 3

Millions of people around the world were waiting for Uphill Rush 3. When it came out – it became a hit fairly quickly. Some will even say it is the best Uphill Rush game that ever came out ! I personally don’t agree with this claim, but I can tell you for sure it is a great game !

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Since Uphill Rush games were released to smartphones, less people play them online on their PC. But still – many people do like playing Uphill Rush game on a big screen. For those people – our website is perfect. Here you can find all Uphill Rush games. Moreover, we keep updating the website and add new games as soon as they come out.

Choose your vehicle and start racing. You have to collect as many stars as possible and finish the level as fast as you can. There are many levels. The first ones are pretty simple, but let’s see how you handle the last few levels ! They are pretty hard. But don’t worry – you can always watch some YouTube gameplay videos and see how it needs to be done !

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Feel free to share our website or the Uphill Rush 3 game with your friends.Even if your computer is slow, you can play this game since it was made with Flash. Let them play and then see who is better and can finish all the levels. It really won’t be easy, believe me !

So, what are you waiting for? let’s start playing ! If you liked the game, check out other Uphill Rush games we have on this website.

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