Uphill Rush 4

Uphill Rush 4 is one of the coolest games online. The previous games from the series were very popular,  but Uphill Rush 4 broke the records. This game is well known around the world and thousands of people play it every month.

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Your goal in this game is to finish all the levels , and do that as quickly as you can. Along the way you need to collect coins. You will be able to upgrade yourself with them later on. That’s why I recommend trying and collecting all of them. It is not easy, but you can always reset the level if needed.

You can play other Uphill Rush games on our website for free. Since they are Flash based, you can play them only on your PC. Few years ago few Uphill Rush games were released to smartphones as well. Most of them cost money, but in my opinion – they worth it.

>> Click Here To Play Uphill Rush 4 <<


Many times when I have spare time or when I am bored, I like playing Uphill Rush on my smartphone. Currently, Uphill Rush 4 is not available for smartphones, but the previous games are good enough for me. There are many levels, and you can always try and complete them faster than your friends.

By the way, feel free to share this website with your friends if they like playing Uphill Rush too. If they did not hear about this game series yet, just send them a link to one of the games. They will get addicted, trust me 🙂

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