Uphill Rush 5

Uphill Rush 5 is a fun and cool game you can play online for free. The goal here is fairly simple – finis the levels as fast as you can, preform cool tricks in mid air and collect as many coins as you can. Of course now it sounds pretty easy, but believe me – it is a challenging game.

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On our website you can play Uphill Rush 5. The game is available for free and you can play it without downloading. Also, the game saves your progress. You can come back at any time and continue from the same point. Since there are many levels, you may want to finish it in few days and not as once. In my opinion – it is more fun this way.

If you are having trouble completing a level, don’t worry. Just pause the game and go to YouTube. There you can find many gameplay videos. Many of the players are pro and can show you some tricks that may help you out. You can watch these videos before or after the game if you just want to get entertained. Many YouTubers nowadays make funny gameplay videos, and I really like watching them out !

>> Click Here To Play Uphill Rush 5 <<


Share Uphill Rush 5 with your friends and let them enjoy as well. This game is very addicting and you can even play it with your friends (just compete and see who finishes level 5 first for example).

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