Uphill Rush 8

Uphill Rush 8 is the much anticipated racing game and sequel to Uphill Rush 7.You have the choice of racing a bike, a truck, a quad or a skateboard through the treacherous racecourse to cross the finish line without falling and hurting yourself.

Uphill Rush 8 has been created because the online gaming community loves the Uphill Rush games.  This version, number eight, is yet another fun, exhilarating, clever and exciting game where you canuse everything within your power to guide and race to the finish line to lift the trophy for the ultimate racing title!

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As an extra treat for our gamers, we have included some graphics which show the “flames” logo and some even have sports team’s logos on them like Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Cowboys!

Don’t forget that if you’re lucky, or indeed skillful in the Uphill Rush games, you can collect money to spend at the shop.  In Uphill Rush 8, you can buy some new items like sunglasses, bikes, and even new and exciting locations such as Jacksonville Beach, Panama Beach, Orange County Beach and around 10 other mystery beaches.  You can truly race in style!


There are plenty of useful settings to choose from.  These are listed on the main menu which consists of: Start, to start the game; how to play the game; more games, to view other games to play.

You can also control the size of text, dim the lights of the game, and even mute the sound if you prefer.

Uphill 8 has even included settings to control how easy of difficult the game will be with easy, normal, and hard settings.

There is even a really unique and handy icon which enables you to add the game to your own personal website!  This is a really clever feature which is complimented by the fact that you can also watch replays of your races on Facebook and Twitter.  This ultimately encourages you to find like-minded gamers on these social media sites to play against and have some fun with!

Uphill Rush 8


You play Uphill 8 like the other games in this series.  The up arrow accelerates, the left arrow leans back, theright arrow leans forward, the down arrow reverses, the space bar cool jumps and allows you to do some stunts.  The all-important X button allows you to travel at turbo speed! Press M to see the map.



You will have 12 races to win, with four different stages and three races per stage.  If you complete these successfully, you will lift the winners’ cup!

Uphill 8is like its predecessors in that you can choose a skateboard, monster truck, quad or motorcycle to race on.


The cheats that are available are the same cheats that were available in Uphill 7 i.e. you can obtain the brilliant turbo option by making three 360 flips successfully. Once you have done this, make sure you select Z to activate the turbo setting etc.



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