Uphill Rush 9

Uphill Rush 9, the latest installment of the Uphill Rush series, is guaranteed to give you a major rush. Yet again you can kick some serious butt in this thrilling game, bringing all your racing fantasies to life.

Many of the features from the prior version, Uphill Rush 8, are back in action in this game. This includes a store – revamped and restocked with exciting new items – new characters, new bikes, and new locations where you can try out your flashy new rides.

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Uphill Rush 9

The graphics are one step above those of the previous game – a big achievement considering how superior the graphics in Uphill Rush 8 are compared to many other games. Check below for some useful tips:

Settings/ Options

Players can pick between low, medium and high quality play. This is a helpful feature for those of you with slow computers. There is also an option allowing the player to increase or decrease the font size, a feature unusual in online flash player games. You can also choose to dim the lights of the game to enhance the effects, and you can switch the music and sound effects on or off, depending on what you prefer. Game settings can be turned to easy, normal and hard depending on you experience level.

One of the most awesome features of the game is the option of adding this game to your personal website before you start the game. The game will also allow you to do this with other games from the series. This is great, because you can directly compare how the game has evolved – or you can play previous versions in order to get the hang of the new game.

Uphill Rush 9 is very interactive and social media friendly. Not only does it have new features allowing you to watch or post replays of your races on Facebook and Twitter, it also encourages you to hook up with other players for multi-player races. Brush up on your racing skills, because if you feel like a challenge you are sure to have plenty of takers.


Gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. This game works in the same way as the rest of the series: use the up arrow for acceleration, left arrow to lean back, right arrow to lean forwards and down arrow to reverse. You can also use the space bar for special stunt moves and jumps which, with a little practice, might just put your name in the racing hall of fame.

If you want to use turbo, just press x. To pause, press p. To see a map of your location, press m.


You start off with six races, and if you win, you can unlock another 5, rather than the 4 which were available in the previous game. You can choose from a range of vehicles including a skateboard, monster truck, quad or motorcycle.

The game also has two cup challenges for each section, plus special hidden cups which can be unlocked once you beat the open ones.

The gameplay, graphics and extended options for this game are amazing, and it easily gets a 5 star rating!


Monster Truck Cups (1p mode) – Complete motorcycle, skateboard and quad 1p mode cups

Monster Truck Cups (vs. mode) – Complete motorcycle, skateboard and quad vs. mode cups

Special Cups (1p mode) – Complete motorcycle, skateboard, quad and monster truck 1p mode cups

Special Cups (vs. mode) – Complete motorcycle, skateboard, quad and monster truck vs. mode cups

Gain turbo by carefully making three 360 flips. Once you have finished, press Z to activate turbo.





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