Uphill Rush Games

People online in the gaming world were always asking me how cool would it be to see a racing game that did not include cars, but motorcycles? I always thought to myself, it would be very cool to see that because it is not something you see that often these days in the age of cool and superhuman cars.

However, someone finally got the memo and gave us the next best thing with the series called Uphill Rush. This series is awesome for many reasons and the latter games in this series are a MUST to play. The first five games centered on a basic driver who races his motorbike in cool places like the beach for a chance at winning the cup championship. The first five games also had very little flaws if any at all.

You usually had 12 races you had to win with 4 different stages that contained 3 different races for the cup and winning would give you a chance at winning the championship and unlocking two other cups.

One thing I loved about this game was the game control settings. Throughout the series and this went on for nine straight games, the controls did not change even once giving users a good sense of familiarity with the control buttons making them more likely to play (even though I am sure we would have made adjustments with this cool game, but the great part is we did not have to).

Game play for this game is pretty simple and straightforward as well. Just like the rest of the games in this series, you use the up arrow for acceleration, left arrow to lean back, right arrow to lean forward, down arrow to reverse, and use the space bar for doing the cool jumping and stunting moves that you will (or won’t) be famous for. If you want to do turbo, then you just press x, if you want to pause just press p, and if you want to see the map of the locations you are at, just press m.


The later games which is games 7-9, was something out of a dream that you could never envision thinking a flash game could have. Aside from the cool and up to date graphics and superior effects, Pandora stole the show for this game series outside of regular game play.

Uphill Rush 9 gave us the coolest thing ever (even games like Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 don’t have Pandora while gaming in real time). The new sound system of this game is the best I have seen out of any game ever online as it has Pandora as it’s musical playlist to encourage users to listen to their favorite tunes on the popular online radio channels while at the same time playing some of their favorite games (an absolute win win situation for everyone involved here). Version eight of this game also has new motor bikes that are so legendary that that it was more than enough to even make a guy like me blush.

Anyhow, some of them have the “flames” logo on them and some of them even have various sports teams logo on them like the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Cowboys (yuck, I hated that one…had to say this again), but fans of those teams have to be proud and may have an extra reason for playing this game aside from the coolness factor.

Last but not least, in Uphill Rush Game 9, a new biker joins the scene and he is challenging you to beat him if you make it to the final round of the cup series and he’ll be waiting on you. Great stuff and this series, I would give 6 stars out of 5, but we can’t go that high can we?

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