Uphill Rush Walkthrough

The online gaming community is united in its love for the Uphill Rush games.  It is a wonderful motorbike racing game, where the user can choose whether they race a truck, a bike, a quad or skateboard.  The beautiful graphics which make up the backdrop of these games depict rolling hills and difficult obstacles which make it a real challenge to finish the course without falling.

Uphill Rush games have become so popular that newer games with even more flashy special effects have been developed, to keep up with demand from gamers.  It is the perfect game for anyone who loves the thrill of speed, the challenge of obstacles and best of all, it’s completely free!



The controls for Uphill Rush have also been carefully considered.  They too are very easy to navigate and make the user experience more enjoyable.  They include settings such as the up arrow for acceleration, the left arrow to lean back, the right arrow to lean forward, the down arrow to reverse.  The piece-de-resistance is the space bar, as by pressing this, you will instruct the rider to conduct some amazing jumping and tricky stunts!  The other popular feature is that pressing the letter X enables the turbo setting!  You can also press P to pause the game and M to see the map of the location you are in, to help you navigate to the finish line.


The objective of the Uphill Rush games is always the same.  It is to race every race, at each stage, so that you can cross the finish line and lift the winners’ cup!  If you’re really skilled and really lucky, you will be given the option to win two additional cups. Alternatively, you can choose either the skateboard, quad, monster truck, or motorcycle.



There are certain ‘cheats’ along the Uphill Rush journey which enable you special powers or additional points.  These include:

The 1p mode Monster Truck Cups – Complete motorcycle, skateboard and quad 1p mode cups

The vs. mode Monster Truck Cups – Complete motorcycle, skateboard and quad vs. mode cups

The 1p mode Special Cups – Complete motorcycle, skateboard, quad and monster truck 1p mode cups

The vs. mode Special Cups (vs. mode) – Complete motorcycle, skateboard, quad and monster truck vs. mode cups

Finally, to gain turboyou just need to make three, 360 flips. Once you have completed this task, just select Z to activate the turbo.

Happy playing!



Uphill Rush games cater for all different types of software.  They let you choose the quality of your graphics as there are three options, low, medium, and high.  There are other settings available for users too which makes the game more comfortable and enjoyable to play.  These include the option to be able to mute the background noise and music and you also have the option to set the game at the player level you require i.e.easy, normal, or hard, depending on how difficult you want the game to be.



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